Heidi Zibolka

As a vetenarian in Magdeburg I always feel sympathy for dogs, cats and other animals. So, it has never been a question that I will also share my life with animals.

1989 I started breeding dogs with my Briard bitch "Onyx vom Schaeferstein". I handled her at several shows and we reached the title "German Winner" and I also raised 3 beautiful litters. Unfortunately, I have not enough time for more dogs but I would rather have 2 dogs.

When my bitch died at the age of 13, the "fighting dog hystery" started in Germany. However, I have never made any negative experience with these dogs. So, we got the white and black Staffordshire Bull Terrier Ike in 2002.

Together with Ike we participated at a puppy course and visited regularly the dog training center. His temperament inspired the whole family. He is a friendly catstrated Staffordshire Bull Terrier boy and he always thinks he has to adopt or care for other animals. Especially, small pets like rabbits or guinea pigs are loved by him. When one of our cats had kitten, he cared for them in a really lovely way.

He is always good for a joke.

Because of him, we decided for a "real" Staffordshire Bull Terrier of high quality and with a pedigree. A dog close to the Standard and as a chap for Ike - maybe also for breeding.

CH Hot Staff's Jaunty Jane - pet name Tina - arrived as a puppy in our home. She has a wonderful warm red with white markings, her expression is really feminine and sometimes she is looking "ashamed".

After we have passed the breeding authorization, the moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived and we can start breeding. It is my hobby and my passion and I will raise every puppy as a member of my family together with all the other pets.

Therefore, the young dogs have contact with other animals, live in a varied environement. They will be raised by their mother and one male. Then after they got their wormings, 2 injections and a GBF pedigree they will live in a loving family together with their new owners.

I look for genetically suitable stud dogs with a good temperament with the aim to get healthy Standart dogs appropriate for shows, breeding and hobby. Additionally, I prefer a correct hight (Standart) and a clear colour, especially red.

All pets have to live with each other. For the fish in their aquarium it is not so difficult but the dogs have to accept each other and our cats. They get on fantastic, which is also shown by several photos. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is known for his friendly, self-confident and lively temperament!
All our males live in private families.